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We understand the challenge of being apart from friends and family back home. Staying in touch should be safe, simple and affordable. Welcome to BOSS Revolution.

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Because in our world there are no borders. Feel closer, talk more, share instantly. Teletranpsort yourself from here to there and instantly be part of the lives of friends and family back home.

Domestic and International services to meet your communication and financial needs.

Stay in touch, top up phones, share money and more… Our range of communication and financial services provides you with the power to Unite Your Worlds℠.

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Visit us on the web, through our award-winning mobile app or at any of our thousands of participating Boss Revolution retail stores. So anytime you want to feel there, you just have to come here.

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Every day, across 160 countries, we connect millions of people who enjoy crystal clear voice calls and safe and affordable mobile top ups.

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“You bring me closer with my family”

— Joshua Mwana Fa

“Cheapest way to communicate with loved ones...”

— Anne Owen

“I use this app to call all my friends and loved ones throughout Africa”

— Heather Marie Smith